What are you committed to?







A word we don’t always love to hear—particularly when it comes to habit change or a goal we want to reach.


While we want the ‘end’ result, the ‘getting there’ process—or the commitment—to attaining that is not always a walk in the park. Or, at least, it doesn’t always come intuitively.


Most recently, for me, commitment has been an ever-present theme in light of the recently kicked-off Lean Turkey Challenge at CrossFit Central.


I am working with six clients, as well as myself, to stay committed to attaining goals we set out for ourselves at the beginning of the Challenge.




One of my goals, or commitment, is to drink “more” water—100 ounces to be exact—day in and day out. In order to do just that, I have to be prepared. I’ve been toting around my 20-ounce shaker bottle filled with water, and 5 rubber bands wrapped around it each day to remind me how many more ounces I have to go. Every 20-ounces down, I take a rubber band off, refill the water bottle, and get back to work.


As simple as this task may sound—it obviously was not before (otherwise I would not have made the goal!).


Commitment—to whatever it is in life—always requires FOCUS and often times, EFFORT.


Another example would be my run I made towards competing at the 2014 CrossFit South Central Regional. It was honestly quite a surprise to myself that I qualified within the top 48 during the Open, but nevertheless, once I was ‘in’, I made the commitment to myself to be ‘all in.’


I had 5-weeks post-Open, prior to the Regional to train and prep for a grueling weekend at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, and I just put my head down and went to work. Sled drags outside my home, in the street, every night, down and back, down and back. Two-a-days with added strength work. Dialing in my nutrition.




There are some things in life that hands-down, I KNOW I am committed to.


I am committed to my husband. I am committed to my children and being a good mom. I am committed to my spiritual walk and my faith. I am committed to CrossFit Central and building a fit community. Growing our Advocare business and helping others to have financial freedom.


And even though I know I am committed to these things, I have to continually take action steps towards my commitments—


  • Carving out intentional time to connect with my husband Kris
  • Attending my daughter’s soccer games and rooting her on, or throwing the baseball with my son in the front yard (he has a personal goal of 100 throws per day…most days)
  • Getting into the Word and looking UP—rather in—for guidance in my daily direction and steps
  • Being PRESENT as a coach with my athletes at CrossFit Central—and invested in individual concerns, goals and lives


The ‘nitty gritty’ things is often times where commitment gets tricky.


stick with it


What do you want out of your fitness? Your career? Your education? Your relationships? Your spiritual walk?


How badly do you want that?


Maybe it’s to:


  • “Be stronger”
  • Lose some body fat
  • Lift XYZ over your head
  • Work your dream job
  • Pass your Anatomy class
  • “Be a better mom”
  • Put on 5 lbs. of muscle
  • Shave 2-minutes off your Fran time
  • Experience financial freedom
  • Give up sweets, grains and/or dairy—and give real eating a chance
  • Replace diet sodas with water to feel more refreshed
  • Stick to a fitness routine or training plan for the ‘long haul’ to see if it really does work


Whatever it is—define it…define what you want…then define and decide the ACTION steps you will commit to in order to realize your goal.


AND…. Above all—remember (I’ve said it before)… ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY.

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One of “Those” Days

1 day at a time



Have you ever had one of “those” days?


You know, a day when you just feel a step or two (or three) behind?


Monday and Tuesday were “exhibit A”—I had a double whammy!


It all started off with a bang—bright and early Monday morning. (Sometimes it feels like a weekend never happened) with my 5 a.m. wakeup.


From there, it was go-go-go-go.


Non-stop all morning long, from class, to meetings, to clients…noon was the first time I actually had time to sit down and take a breath for a minute.


I went on my merry way downtown to train with my usual crew at 1, then make my way back up uptown to my Burnet Rd. office around 2 p.m., starving for lunch on my way.


I decided to stop into My Fit Foods to grab a quick bite, then only to realize I had forgot my wallet at home…and, not only that, but I was almost out of gas.


no money


May day, may day! No food, no gas, no money=a problem!


Thankfully, my husband Kris answered my phone call for H-E-L-P, and I was able to make it back to my office (the gym), where he lovingly brought me a hearty, refreshing salad, my wallet, and also took my car down to the road to get some gas (no wonder he’s my knight in shining armor!).


Ok, so a couple hiccups…however the fun did not stop there.


I coached my 4 p.m. Teens’ class like normal, but then got word from my colleague, Jeremy, that he needed coverage ASAP for his evening classes downtown while he was at the University of Texas, delivering a presentation and meeting for young entrepreneurs.


Who other than Carey to the rescue?!


I said, ‘Ay, ay Captain’, and away I went back downtown to coach his classes.


By 7:30 p.m., I was finished, and exhausted—and made my trek back up north to go home and eat some dinner.


The fun did not stop there though.


Tuesday morning had a similar beat.


I ‘slept in’ until 6 a.m. that morning (what, what?!), and then went about my merry way, checking e-mails, taking my time, not having any place to be until a 9:15 a.m. appointment with a client, when about 7:50 a.m., I received a text message:


“Hi! I am running a little late!”






Eek! I had an 8 a.m. appointment that completely slipped my mind.


“Nooooo problem. How far away are you?” I texted.


“About 15-away.”


“Take your time,” I replied.


In a flash, I slapped some mascara on, stuffed my lunch in a sack (I wasn’t going to forget it that day!), and bolted out the door.


Welcome to my life.


And I am sure yours too.


At certain times—some more than others—life tries to chip away at our heels, while we try to keep running the race, staying on top of it, and, at times, trying to tread water.


The good news?


Life, somehow, manages to go on, and, at the end of the day, we are stronger (and more prepared) for the next.


The biggest driver in ANY hurdle?




strong mind


When curveballs come my way, or unexpected occurrences, from a tough workout in the gym (think 100 burpees for time), to finding yourself wallet-less, to an added to-do (or few) in your schedule, traffic, a fender bender, a change in plans—the quicker you are able to channel your mindset, using the power of positive thinking, you will be UNSTOPPABLE!




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Conquering goals and a Night for the Ladies

Well, I did it.


I reached my goal.


i did it


On the tails of my long-road recovery from the left elbow injury that I incurred at the 2014 CrossFit South Central Regional, I Clean & Jerked 135 lbs.  over my head this past week.


I am back in the game!—or at least getting there.


While 135 lbs. was basically a warm-up weight prior to the Regional competition this past year (with a 1 rep-max Clean & Jerk of 180 lbs.), it had been nearly four months since I had even so much as attempted to lift that.


In fact, just 4-weeks ago, the most I was lifting overhead was 55 lbs., maybe 65 lbs., over head—something my doctor said I most likely would not be able to do without surgery after the injury occurred.


The lesson?


You can do anything you put your mind to.


mind over matter


Now, I definitely am a proponent of being ‘smart’—and listening to your body. I have been adamantly working on nursing and rehabbing my left arm these past 4-weeks with progressively smart movement and exercise…and, the kicker is, I have not given up.


Through the power of positive thinking, determined mindset, and ‘keeping the end in mind’, little by little, I have been healing with flying colors.


And all this got me thinking about all the clients—particularly the women—I have worked with over the past decade or so.


There is nothing like coaching up a client, and witnessing the ‘light bulb’ moments when things click, and she realizes the strength she has—both inside and out.


Time and time again, this tangibly plays out in the CrossFit atmosphere—and it is freaking awesome!


For instance, one client in her 50’s initially came to me saying she was ‘too old’ and ‘too out of shape’ for all of this. She was willing to try, but highly doubtful she could or would benefit from a CrossFit regime.


However, over the past couple months, I have had the pleasure to be part of an amazing transformation—not only in her strength and mobility, but in her confidence and self-esteem.


Just the other day, I was coaching her up in class while everyone was working on their cleans. Every minute on the minute, she cleaned some weight, added some weight, cleaned some weight, added some weight. This, for a woman who initially struggled with even cleaning or lifting the barbell nearly 8-weeks ago. She is ‘getting it’—and defying all odds of even what she thought was possible.


a game


And yet, another woman, in my woman’s only morning class has been bringing her ‘A-game’ like none other. After a year or so in the CrossFit Central program, she recently made up her mind she was ready to do more than just show up to class—she wanted to start to move forward, see progress. By bringing her all—mind and body—to class, she’s recently ‘got’ her kipping pull-ups and has upped her intensity to that ‘next level’, that CrossFit level intensity.


It is awesome to see—and to celebrate new victories in not only body composition or strength, but increased self-confidence and self-esteem.


There is something empowering about accomplishing a new feat, lifting a heavy barbell, mastering a new skill. CrossFit allows us to tangibly experience the lessons that hard work pays off; and to never give up (my Clean & Jerk, for instance). This, combined with a community of like-minded individuals (I am speaking to women, in particular), and you have a dangerous combination!


This is why CrossFit Central makes space for women’s only classes and women’s events on a regular basis.


Coming up this month, on October 17th, in fact, we are pushing the boys aside, who have regular ‘men’s nights’, and we are hosting a Women’s Only Night!


ladies night


From 7-9 p.m., downtown, we are breaking out the Atlas Stones, logs, yokes, kegs and other strongman equipment, and lifting heavy things. Nope, not a competition, or an intense workout—rather an opportunity to feel empowered in trying something new, and discovering new strengths.


If you are a woman in the Central community, I personally hope you will join me and some of your ‘sisters in Iron’ for an evening of laid back fun. (Margaritas may even be involved).








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Gaining momentum




Do you have it? Do you want it? Do you feel far from it?


Momentum is, in essence, movement...technically it’s “the force or speed of movement.”


Movement towards your goals, towards your to-dos, towards your passions.


You may have experienced momentum before on a new nutrition or exercise kick; momentum in your personal strength or endurance gains in the gym; momentum in your career, perhaps a job promotion or an opportunity you’ve been hoping for; momentum in your friendships—building a great community of people who know and care for you; and more!


make it happen


Lately I’ve had a lot of momentum in various aspects of my life towards positive gains and health—my career, my healing of my arm (I am handstand walking again—or making handstand steps), my family life (prioritizing that), my home building addition project, my nutrition, my sleep habits.


In general, life is good.


Momentum is a powerful force…and the way to tap into that force is to put one foot in front of the other, and keep your eyes continually fixed on your goals, until that train starts moving without de-railing.


Momentum will carry you far.


Yet, in the same breath, I GET IT!


Momentum can be hard to sustain (and maintain) throughout a given month, week, day, even hour!


keep your eyes on the goal


I am no exception to this rule, and can often find myself growing weary, tired, apathetic at times, as I continue to strive and make way towards my goals, optimal well-being and my intentions.


For instance, take today…I glance at my to-do list and immediately, my first thought is, (Deep Breath)Ok, here we go!


Up before the sun rises, the day starts without much further ado than a 3, 2, 1…GO!


Coaching four hours. A personal training session. A meeting with a client. An Advocare 3 way phone call. My own workout. Eat some lunch. Work for the gym. Pick up the kids from school. Another meeting. Coach CrossFit kids. Clean up shop. Home to kids and Kris. Help kids with homework. Attend an Advocare Mixer. Eat a delicious dinner compliments of Mr. Chef Kepler. Prayers and bedtime routine with kids. A little bit of computer work. Shower. Read. Bed….Sleep…Do it all over again.


Maybe you can relate—busy.


The cool thing? It is a good busy.


In the grand scheme of things, when I take a look at what my busyness entails—sure it can be tiring, but I am intentional in filling my time with things, people, to-dos that are positive, driving forces in my life towards the BIG PICTURE (my purpose, my talents, my skills, my dreams).


the big picture


You see…when we put our time, our energy, our efforts into things that matter (and those things can look different for each and every person)…then momentum will happen. Build upon what your goals, your dreams, your passions are—and it’s going to be a momentum-building situation…no matter how busy you may feel or it may seem as long as stay intentional, you keep your blinders on and hunker down and GO!

Far too often, people say “Yes” to things they should say “No” to (overfilling their plate with too many to-dos)…they drag their feet to jobs they hate…they put other things before building into the family and friendships and relationships that make life rich…they “try to do it all” sub-par, rather than doing fewer things really well…You get it.


The moral of the story?


Build into things that matter…gain momentum in the process…and do big things!



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Learning from the Best

never stop learning


You never grow too old to learn.


While my kids are back to the grind of learning new math facts, spelling words and history lessons, I have been inspired lately to learn and expand my knowledge myself.


Every fall, I host a special 6-week Coach’s Education seminar series to build into the minds and lives of those individuals who help make CrossFit Central’s mission possible (building into our fit community).


Typically, during this seminar series, I will teach on various topics pertinent to our own community—from conducting body fat assessments and benchmark workouts for our newcomers, to helpful coaching cues for tricky skills like double-unders and muscle-ups, to nutrition tips and more.


In light of my new learning kick, however, I am going to mix it up this year.


mix it up


After all, we can never learn too much, and there is unequivocal value in learning from the expertise and experiences of a variety of people.


Flipping through this month’s Austin Fit Magazine, featuring profile stories on some of the elite boxers and boxing coaches in Austin, I was struck with the idea to reach out to some of them as coming in to CrossFit Central as guest lecturers.

austin fit magazine


And not only these boxing masters, but what about the rest of the city of Austin as well? Coaches, trainers, instructors, bloggers, teachers, body-workers, nutrition experts and more.


We live in a city that is a goldmine for health and fitness!


Not only is there a wealth of CrossFit boxes, but bootcamps, boxing and MMA gyms, yoga studios, persona training businesses, local globo gyms, Olympic lifting facilities, and more galore.


I have started compiling my list of contacts to reach out to, and I am excited, not only for my coaches, but myself as well, to learn a few tips and tricks from masters of many trades.


Are you a health and wellness expert, guru, professional or trainer interested in sharing your craft and experiences with some CrossFit Central sponges?


If so, I’d love to chat with you further! We are eager to learn.

You can e-mail me at CareyKepler@CrossFitCentral.com.


Look forward to connecting.

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Lean Turkey Challenge is UPON US



It’s September.


School is officially back in session.


Labor Day is over. The white pants are being put away (well maybe not quite the Southern rule here in Austin, Texas).


Fall is in the air—despite the 100-degree heat.


Football season is just getting started.


Annnnd….the holidays are right around the corner.




Did I just say the holidays?


Yes, I most certainly did.


Just like this year is flying, before we know it, silver bells will be ringing, halls will be decking, and turkeys we will be carving.


With this in mind, there is no time like the present to begin discussing the upcoming, annual Lean Turkey Challenge!


It’s coming people.


Back by demand, CrossFit Central is kicking out its annual get-lean, get-strong, eat-clean event that will help all participants march into the holiday season fully armed!


Sign up begins TODAY (Wednesday, September 10th), on the CrossFit Central website, and registration is $100. Once you sign up, you will be placed on a team of about 8-10 people, and over the course of 6-weeks, you will get an extra dose of some kick butt workouts, accountability to your goals and food log, education on your training and nutrition, make some new friends, and more!


The 6-week challenge is a unique team experience to be part of—no matter your goals or your background.


Whether you want to lose weight and inches, gain weight or mass, lean out, tone up, get  a leg up on the holiday season food fest and workout desert, clean up your nutrition, simply get straight up healthy, or build new camaraderie with some like-minded, motivated individuals…the Lean Turkey Challenge is seriously for everyone!


So why do a challenge?


Taking six weeks to invest in Y-O-U and test your ‘limits’ is pretty gosh darn awesome.


See how close you can really come to reaching your goals.


Find out what your capable of accomplishing.


Gain support and the accountability you need to stay on track.


Shake up your ‘usual’ routine.


This year, I am excited to once again, head up a team of 8 individuals and empower them to conquer their feats—as well as my own.


As I think about this year, my goals in particular are:


  1. To Clean & Jerk 125 lbs. (this after my elbow injury!)
  2. And, to walk on my hands 20-feet consistently


We are never too old, too great, too perfect, too comfortable to make new goals.


New goals are what push us to find our ‘extra edge’ and to never settle for complacency.


Ok, are you excited yet?!


I hope so, and I hope if you are a CrossFit Central member—current or former—you will consider joining me in this challenge.


There are ONLY a total of 60 spots available, so don’t miss out–30 for CrossFit Central Burnet, and 30 for the Downtown location.






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Living a life of passion

slow down


Whew! Does life ever slow down?


This week has been “one of those weeks”—going 90-miles per hour, and, at the end of the day, looking up and wondering just how I made it. Some times it seems like there is not enough time in the day to do everything I want to do.


However, while I am pretty darn tired come my 10 o’clock-on-the-dot bedtime hour, I take a deep breath in, sigh and think: Life is good.


One word: Passion.

 live with passion

I lead and live a life of passion on a daily basis—and I am very passionate about doing nothing less.


As a CrossFit coach, personal trainer, nutrition coach, mentor, educator, speaker, athlete, business owner, and most importantly, a wife, a mother, and daughter of God, I am beyond blessed with the roles I get to play in this so-called production of life.


While the days can be long (waking up around 4:30 a.m., and going pretty much all day non-stop), at the end of each day, when I take that deep breath, sigh, and reflect…I pinch myself because this is a great life I lead.


It’s easy to lose sight of this in the moment.


From 6 a.m., to 7 a.m., to 9 a.m. classes, personal training clients, nutrition meetings, business meetings and more, if I am not careful, the days can become a big “to-do” list—not to mention carving out intentional time to spend with those I love most, or making a little extra time in my schedule to devote to a phone call or meeting with a friend, or even investing a little extra time in a new client (instead of “next!”).


The thing I love most about my day to day life?


The people who are a part of it! The opportunity to build and foster relationships.


do life together


At the end of the day, no matter what we do, or how busy life may seem, we must never forget that we are here for a greater purpose other than ourselves.


Relationships, people, are the bread and butter of life; making it rich; and we must never lose sight of our daily abundant opportunities to change lives, connect with others, and lift others up.


Do you ever feel overwhelmed with a big to-do list? Or find yourself going from one thing to the next in your daily life, almost without taking a breath or looking up?




just breathe


Breathe for a second. Look up. Take a minute to recognize the people in your life, at your job, at your CrossFit box, the people standing next to you in the line at the store, your family members that are dear to you—and take time to connect.


I am passionate about what I do, mostly because of the people and opportunities I have to impact people—and for people to also impact me.


Lately, in spite of my crazy busyness, I have tried not to lose sight of this fact—particularly with my daughter Savannah, who just started back to school.


If I am not intentional or present, it could be easy for me to only really get to connect with my daughter when I get home from a long day and she’s finished with her homework, about the hour before she goes to bed.


To make sure this is not the case, I have specifically carved out two days in my busy schedule that I pick her up from school, and one day that I go have lunch with her at her school.


The best part?


Seeing her light up when I arrive (this may not always be the case).


Who is a person, this week, that you can make some time for in your ‘busy schedule’ to just be with, spend time with, and be intentional in fostering your relationship with them.


Passion is great! Lead a life of passion, no doubt! Pursue your dreams, your talents, your interests…And while you are at it, make sure not to leave people out of the equation.


There is strength in numbers!


strength in numbers


Your passions + Using your passions to impact people and others’ lives= The manna of life, being God’s hands and feet to this world to do what you love, love what you do, and bring others up along the way!

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You Are What You Eat & Paleo Dining Out in Austin

You are what you eat.


Ever heard this expression?


Well I was feeling it this week!


Last weekend, I indulged a little more than usual in a few treats. Think: Chips and salsa. A margarita. And a gluten-free brownie.


Perhaps not too crazy for some, but definitely not norms in my daily nutrition plan.


By Tuesday of this week, despite an adequate amount of sleep, I was ‘dragging.’


What gave?


As I began to ‘wrack’ my brain a little bit (Sleep? Check. Water? Check. Nutrition? Ehhhh.), it hit me!



My nutrition had been a little bit more lax than most days and weeks.


The POWER of nutrition never ceases to amaze me in the role it plays in how we look and feel—both negatively and positively.


While this is an insight I have known and realized for quite some time, weekends, like this past weekend, are excellent reminders and reinforcements, if you will, for staying on the ‘road less traveled’ (eating real food, often known as Paleo eating).


It’s no secret that the majority of our culture and society struggles and strives to ‘eat better’, ‘eat less’, or ‘eat healthier’ than they do.


If this was not the case, the diet industry would not be wracking in billions of dollars annually, nor would there be thousands upon thousands of books, blogs and articles out there devoted to nutrition information (both good and bad).



It’s rather funny to me how sometimes the Paleo ‘diet’ (ie. ‘eating real food’) is touted as a ‘diet’ or ‘fad’, often by those who don’t adhere to its principles.


In actuality, eating real food is the oldest and most tride and true ‘diet’, or nutrition plan, there is.


Before there was NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Juice Cleanses, MediFast, SlimFast, American Food Pyramids and more…there was, well, eating real foods.


Protein. Good fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, oils, coconut). Fresh fruits and veggies. Some tubers and root vegetables.


Real food people.


Paleo eating is really no diet at all—it’s the way humans were designed to eat and live (off the food of the land).


While I follow a real-foods plan 80-100% of the time to a tee, I don’t like to put labels on things.


I am a realist in the fact that I know you can’t live under a rock or in the confines of your kitchen 24/7.



You will indeed go out to restaurants, travel to see new sights, go to a friend’s house for dinner, celebrate holidays and vacations.


That is all well and good!


In fact, I do preach the need to have balance.


For instance:


The 90/10 rule (90% clean diet during CrossFit training season, or when you may have body-related aesthetic or health goals).


The 80/20 rule ((80% clean, 20% not as strict—such as this past weekend for me).


And, the 70/30 rule (Use sparingly: think vacation-mode when diet is not your all-in focus).


The difference in adhering to a real-foods plan vs. eating a free-for-all (whatever you want and whenever you want) is:


When sound nutrition is a value and becomes part of your lifestyle, you find that, while you can and do live life, you also know and feel best when you are eating the foods your body was designed to eat!


So yes, I myself can stray from my ‘real-foods’ diet whenever I so please, but I also know and realize the impact it makes on my energy, my performance, and my overall feeling of health (gut health, headaches, etc.).


I love my daily work, working with clients daily to improve their lives through both fitness and nutrition.


While I could talk until I am blue in the face on how much nutrition, and eating real food, has impacted my health, my performance, my lean muscle tone, it’s pretty darn cool to witness clients realizing this fact for themselves.

I am available whenever a member reaches out to me to offer guidance and support in enhancing your quality of life through nutrition.


At CrossFit Central, I also lead regular Nutrition Meetings on the third Tuesday of every month, at noon and 7 p.m., along with the help of my colleagues, Meg Parsons and Lynnsey Hooper.


I’ll leave you with this:


What you eat does not define you, the person that you are…but you are what you eat when it comes to the impact that food and nutrition has on your health, your goals, and your performance—both inside and outside the gym.


Your challenge for the week?


Set a goal, just one goal, in the area of nutrition for this next week.


One small change, enhancement or habit you can break for this week alone to improve your all around nutrition needs.


It could be:


I will drink 64 oz. (8-8oz. glasses) of water every day for one week.


I will not eat bread this week.


I will include green veggies at 2 of my meals every day this week.


I will not skip breakfast, only to get snack-hungry two hours later into the morning.


 I will cook 5 out of 7 of my dinners this week.




You get the picture. When a change and goal comes from YOU and you alone, it is up to you to make that happen—and it is you that is most deserving of that ‘success’ that comes with each and every achievement-big and small!

You’ve got the power.


On a side note…I thought it would be fun and helpful to offer a little guidance to eating clean, real-food (Paleo) here in our “foodie” city, Austin—there are actually TONS of options and your are by no means confined to living “under a rock”.


ZEN You can’t go wrong with this “fast-food” local Asian restaurant in Austin. They have a whole menu actually dedicated to CrossFit Central! The chicken, salmon and shrimp bowls are awesome. I request extra veggies instead of rice (or “Make it a Salad”), and sometimes even a little extra protein (egg, chicken, fish) if you’re extra hungry. The Nigiri Trio sushi is also awesome, as is the 7 Pepper Ahi Tuna, Crunchy Kale Salad and Tori Kimidori Salad (Mixed greens, cabbage, oranges, golden raisins, cranberries, almonds, green onions, grilled chicken breast and ginger-carrot salad).


La Mancha I went here the other day with a crew from CrossFit Central, and you have to try their bowls! Ask for a heaping amount of veggies with your meat (beef/chicken) or fish (Mahi Mahi/shrimp) of choice and some avocado on top, no extra rice, beans or cheese needed. Their signature La Mancha salad is also very fresh: season veggies, lettuce, tomato, avocado, toasted almonds and some chicken, shrimp or beef on top.


Torchy’s-Order whatever meat you prefers sans (without) the tortilla!! You can totally get a bowl here. Add some veggies, maybe a little hot sauce, and boom!


Hopdoddy ANYTHING goes here, minus the burger bun, cheese and milkshakes! I love the Bison Burger or Classic Burger in a lettuce wrap with tomato. Their salads are also pretty amazing too! Order anyone (no cheese or candied nuts please), add 1-2 burger patties of your liking, and you’ve got it made!


Moonshine If you’ve ever been to CrossFit Central’s Downtown location, you’ll know that Moonshine is our neighborhood restaurant, right on the path of our 400-meter run. And they are super accommodating! The Sweet Potatoes are a must-have side dish alongside a requested platter of grilled chicken breast or grilled fish and seasonal veggies or collards. On the salad menu, try the Fajita Steak (sans cheese and tortilla chips), Seasonal Farm Salad and Berkley House Salad with chicken, salmon or shrimp on top.






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Some of My Secrets to Success

I am super pumped!


And when I am excited, I can’t help but share.


A couple weekends ago, I attended Advocare’s annual Success School weekend in Fort Worth, and walked away even more affirmed in this company that I have been a part of since 2001.


It was awesome.


If this is any indication of how cool it was, check out this video of Rich Froning, who was present this past weekend, showcasing ‘Heavy Grace’ (225 lbs.) on the main stage—and setting yet another, world record as the ‘Champ.’—3:18 minutes! [VIDEO HERE]



Believe what you will about Advocare (some love it, others hate it, and still others have no clue what it is), but, for myself, Advocare has become a source of inspiration in my life fordoing what I love and loving what I do—living a life of passion.


How can a supplement company help one lead a life of passion?


Let me explain.


Advocare is a network marketing-based business, centered on helping people enhance their quality of life—both the distributor and consumer alike.


Think: Win, win.


By creating a business opportunity for individuals to share products they believe in (and that have even worked for them), to friends, family and new connections, both the distributor and the consumer benefit, Two-fold: Financial and Wellness opportunity.


On the consumer side, I have loved being able to enhance and impact others’ lives through the simplicity of a healthcare routine: think Omega-3 fats (fish oil), Vitamins, Amino Acids (preventing muscle breakdown).  In the long run, nutrition is medicine—and saves pennies and bank accounts from doctors bills and future medical interventions, should a person be on the road to sickness or chronic disease otherwise (overweight, heart and blood pressure issues, adrenal fatigue, Diabetes, etc.).


And it doesn’t just stop there:


  • For athletes and those with performance training goals, there is a whole performance line of products;


  • For those looking for a lasting weight management shift (not a diet, but a kick off to a lifestyle change), there is the 24-Day Advocare Challenge and weight-management products.


  • For those looking for an enhancement to their wellness (ie. prevention from illness, aid in keeping to a healthy regime in the midst of a busy lifestyle, etc.), there are products such as Rehydrate (immune support-), meal-replacement shakes and snack bars for keeping healthy on-the-go, and more


As for opportunity, Advocare has created a culture of inspiration that your dreams and goals are attainable—and it all starts with self-care and belief that the “impossible” is actually possible.


For clients, this may mean taking the leap of faith to try some of the supplements for a greater health goal, which in turn leads to an open door for other goals, dreams and aspirations as their health goals come to fruition.


I honestly don’t share or promote anything that I do not believe in or have not used. The primary reason I joined an Advocare team is because I experienced the personal changes using their products over the years.


People, time and time and time again, have asked me: How do you look like you do? Or how do you perform like you do?


Honestly, the one constant in all my years of training and competing, in triathlon, marathon (ultramarathon) and CrossFit…as well as life (including two healthy pregnancies), has been Advocare.


Advocare Catalyst, Omega-Complex, Recovery protein, and the Spark (I LOVE Spark)…that’s the “secret” folks…nothing too secret about it I suppose, but pretty awesome stuff.


Another question people sometimes ask me is: If you eat clean, why do you need to supplement?


Like many with a career in the fitness industry, I do value and stick to a clean diet. So when it comes to supplementation, I see supplementation as just that: A supplement, or enhancement, to my already clean diet.


There is really no way to get ALL the nutrients, vitamins, minerals we need on a daily basis in our food alone. That is where supplements can come in to play. As for supplementing around workouts, Advocare has helped me ensure I have gains towards my goals in the gym, with nutrition to support that—not losses. Even in light of my recovery from my recently injured arm at the South Central CrossFit Regionals this year, I am bouncing back slowly but surely—no surgery —making supplementation and gradually progressing my personal ‘therapy’ and strength with the injured limb. (You should have seen me doing pushups this week! I was sore for 3 days after, since it’d been almost 12 weeks since I had done them!).


Aside from the personal physical benefits I have experienced over the years, I cannot discount the amazing community I’ve formed and the financial opportunities Advocare is providing for my family and myself to live a life of financial freedom, intentional giving and ultimately, chase my true passions (such as fitness, CrossFit Central and quality time spent with my family).


There was a lady who spoke on stage at the conference last weekend about the same freedom.


She initially got into Advocare’s business when her husband had lost his job, and she knew she had to do something to keep the bank from repossessing their home. She started sharing the opportunity of Advocare, and now, not even one-year in, the couple is earning $35,000 each month, that can change lives, dreams and intentions.


Crazy to fathom?


Perhaps. But possible.


And, the heart of the matter is that they too, share the products because they believe in the impact on healthy living.


Here is a recipe for success:


1.Set a Goal 

2. Create a plan

3. Be consistent

Whether you are into Advocare or not, determine what you are working towards andddd…go do it!


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CrossFit Games 2014 Accomplished & NEW Women’s-Only Class


In the blink of an eye, it came and it went—California.



Another year in the books, and I must say, after a pretty intense season training and competing at the South Central Regional, I was quite content to be a spectator on the sidelines at the CrossFit Games—cheering on the team repping the Double-C’s and watching some amazing athletes accomplish some amazing feats.


Even the Master’s athlete’s workouts were no joke.


I toyed with the idea of programming some Master’s style WODs into CrossFit Central’s whiteboard over the next week or two, but some of the skills are off the charts—chest to bar pull-ups, max distance handstand walks, heavy med-ball ground to shoulder—those 60-year-olds don’t mess around. Of course, in a class-sense, everything is scalable, but it just goes to show the level to which this sport has progressed.


I was most amazed by the endurance that all athletes out there on the field of play proved they had to outlast four days of pretty diverse, grueling workouts.


From swimming, to running, to maxing, to climbing, to lifting (and lifting, and lifting, and lifting—Double ‘Grace’ anyone?)—CrossFit is an endurance sport, no doubt about it (you need some massive energy to sustain you through out 13 events!).


I, like many, was also inspired to keep doing what I am doing—with all my heart, whatever that is.


There is some major ‘heart’ out there on the competition floor, and there is no denying that these athletes leave everything they have on the field.


While I may not currently in ‘CrossFit competition’ mode, I am most certainly in a ‘Do what I was made to do’ mode—and a huge part of that is my contribution as a coach, teacher and leader to my CrossFit community.


I am excited to announce the re-birth of a program that has been near and dear to my heart since its founding in 2010—CrossFit Women’s programming.


This reemergence of a Women’s Only class is ultimately intended to be a space for women, from all walks of life to come together, get a great workout, form bonds with one another and ultimately, be encouraged in their goals and aspirations.  These women stem from various CrossFit experiences (beginner to veterans), fitness backgrounds, careers and goals.


Starting this week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 9:15 a.m., the ladies and I will gather at CrossFit Central Burnet to ‘throw down’, lift, sprint, sweat, and maybe even work some abs at the end of class.


Things I know that are going to make your body change, maybe a little bit faster.


The official name of this class? The High and Tight Club.


Regardless of your goals (weight-related, inches, health, fitness, maintenance, consistency), you will have the same coach (ME!), across the board, to help guide you towards reaching those.


Unlike our other general classes at CC, women in this class have the option to choose between training two, three, or five days per week. And unlike other general CrossFit classes at CC, this one in particular will be a bit more focused and geared towards women’s bodies and fitness.


Don’t get me wrong; I am not breaking out the Jazzercise boxes or Jane Fonda leg warmers! We are still doing CrossFit, using barbells, lifting heavish things and doing plenty of endurance work—with a bit more of a directed, tightening and toning focus.


Trust me, it’s going to be fun!


Can’t make this class? Time conflict?


No worries!


I also coach a Co-Ed CrossFit class at 5:30 a.m., 6:15 a.m., 7 a.m., and 8 a.m. classes throughout the week and also have a few limited spots available for personal training!


Classes and training times are filling up fast, but e-mail me at careykepler@crossfitcentral.com and we can find a time and plan that works for you.


With over 15 years in the fitness industry and the Co-Owner of the first CrossFit affiliate in Austin, I genuinely love partnering with others to be the best version of them, and the healthiest they can be—inside and out.







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